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Wire Rope

Quality-engineered hardware, wire rope, slings, chain, tools and accessories.



We fabricate nylon, wire rope, chain and slings. We deliver slings for every lifting, pulling and towing application.

Tire Chains

Tire Chains

We offer hoists, winches, cranes and material handling equipment for every application.

In addition, we stock deep inventories of a broad range of contractor and industrial supplies. Our modern facilities in Spokane, Washington and Missoula, Montana enable us to provide excellent service to our consistantly increasing customer base. Serving construction, utility, transportation, industrial and government markets, we offer:


Broadway Industrial Supply has been providing quality rigging products to industry and the construction trades. We have over 65 years experience splicing wire rope and manufacturing slings. Broadway Industrial Supply has the experience and expertise to manufacture equipment for your most challenging rigging equipment requirements.

Rigging Rigging Rigging Rigging Rigging Rigging Rigging


Every Sling for Every Lift! We fabricate nylon, wire rope, chain and slings. We deliver slings for every lifting, pulling and towing application, including:

Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication Our Sales Counter Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication

Samson Fabrication

Wire Rope Slings:
  • Single Leg Choker Slings
  • Two, Three And Four Leg Bridle Slings
  • Endless or Grommet Slings
  • Dual Body Slings with Sliding Choker Hook
  • Multipart Braided Wire Rope Slings
Chain Slings:
  • Single, Double, Triple or Quadruple Leg Chain Slings
  • Adjustable Leg Chain Slings
  • Single Or Double Endless Basket Slings
Fiber Slings:
  • High Performance Fiber Slings
  • Round Slings/Spansets
  • Synthetic Web Slings
Wire Mesh Slings:
  • Basket or Choker type hardware
  • Scratch resistant Polyurethane Coated available


Every Hoist or Winch for Every Need! Use the guide below to determine the type of hoist or winch that best suits your needs.We carry every major brand! Trolleys are available for all hoists. Chain Hoists: Tell us what you need - the manufacturer, capacity, length of load chain - and we do the rest.

Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Columbus Mckinnon Trolley Columbus Mckinnon Trolley Columbus Mckinnon Trolley Columbus Mckinnon Trolley

We deal in Magna Lifting Products and Columbus McKennon

Hoist Type Capacity
Manual Chain 1/2 to 100 ton
Lever Chain 3/4 to 9 ton
Electric Chain 1/2 to 30 ton
Electric Wire Rope 1 to 100 ton
Wire Rope Puller 1/2 to 3 ton
Air Chain 1/2 to 100 ton
Winch Type
Hand Winch Up to 5 ton
Electric Winch 1/2 to 20 ton
Air Winch 1/2 to 10 ton
Electric Barge Winch 10 to 50 ton
Hand Barge Winch 10 to 50 ton


We handle many different types of cables that can be custom built to your specifications. We also have many cable-related parts available. Our cable products are used on heavy equipment and trucks.

Cablecraft We carry the finest quality cables. Since 1950, Cablecraft has continued to develop the broadest, most sophisticated, line of push pull cables & associated equipment to meet the requirements of industrial control specifications. Today, Cablecraft is dedicated to providing unmatched quality products and customer service.

For applications where ultra-smooth, efficient, precision operation is the main requirement, the patented low-friction push-pull cable is available. This unique product has introduced a new dimension to remote control, using the combination of a Teflon-coated sliding inner member and a continuous nylon-lined stranded conduit. The low friction control performs efficiently throughout wide temperature extremes.

Cablecraft Cablecraft Cablecraft Cablecraft Cablecraft Cablecraft Cablecraft

Visit the Cablecraft Website

Many cable control applications demand smooth operation and high load-carrying capability, but don't have high efficiency or severe environmental requirements. For these applications, the Cablecraft utility control cable will be most suitable. The plastic lined metal conduit provides a smooth, durable operating service, and the steel armored sliding inner operating member is highly polished to minimize friction. The construction of both the low-friction and the utility control allows an extremely tight bend radius, making possible shorter routing and installations in previously inaccessible locations.

When bend radius and flexibility are not critical to the installation, the Bristow control will find many applications. The smooth plastic conduct liner retains the efficiency and characteristics of other Cablecraft controls, but the minimum bend radius is increased to allow a more economical construction. The Bristow push-pull control cable is the equivalent of other major competitive controls with respect to bend radius, load capacity, efficiency, and environmental capability.

In addition, we carry a large selection of Cablecraft control levers, control heads, and other associated equipment to allow complete system design.

Fall Prevention

Complete Line of Fall Prevention and Safety Devices
Complete Systems available. We offer harnesses, rebar chain assemblies, lanyards and retractable lanyards.

Cablecraft Cablecraft Cablecraft

We are dealers for Miller Safety Products and Falltech.

Fall Protection Nets
Specually fabricated for your job site. Please call us for specification and fabrication information at 800-521-8184. Nets provide the last line of defense in fall protection, under bridges, overpasses or any large open area.

Rope Grabs
High quality, corrosion resistant rope grabs are stocked for both synthetic and wire rope systems. Mobile and static systems for stationary ladders are available.

Carabiners, Hooks and Horizontal Lifeline Systems
Systems may be designed for use by a single operator or operator and co-worker. We supply numerous models of tripod, tripod and winch and davit arm systems for fall prevention and retrieval.

Vehicle-mounted Mobile Davit Arms
Available to be mounted on the front, side or rear of your truck. Please call us for a description of available systems and accessories at 800-521-8184.

Harness Harnesses
With various buckles and accessory hardware to meet the conditions of your job site and the new fall prevention requirements. Harnesses are comfortable, easy to put on and adjustable.

Retractable Lanyards
Lightweight units feature spring-tensioned lifelines which retract into the housing as the worker moves toward the unit and extend as the worker moves away. We feature retractable lifeline devices that provide mobility and security on the job. A slip, fall or sudden jerk activates the lifeline. We offer models for every industry and application. Give us a call for details and specifications at 800-521-8184.

Shock-Absorbing Lanyards
We feature a variety of shock-absorbing lanyards, each designed to reduce injuries associated with jerking and bouncing from sudden fall arrest.

Deck Railing

Deck Railing Ideas for Wire Rope Wire Rope can be pleasing to the eyes as well as functional. Check out these deck-railing options:

Are you tired of cleaning the Glass and Plexi-glass Inserts on your decks OR missing the action due to the placement of the wooden slats on your deck? If so, consider these as options.

Deck Wire Rope Railing Deck Wire Rope Railing Deck Wire Rope Railing Deck Wire Rope Railing Deck Wire Rope Railing Deck Wire Rope Railing Deck Wire Rope Railing Wire Rope Deck Railing Wire Rope Deck Railing

Wire Rope railings are virtually invisible, in destructible, and always clean. What more could you want, especially outside? We work with both the home-owner and the contractor to achieve a virtually invisible deck railing system. We've worked with Wire Rope for 60 years, we've got the experience to guide you through the toughest questions. Give us a call when you are ready for the Cutting Edge technology in deck design!

Spokane Coeur dAlene Living Magazine Our Wire Rope Deck Railing was seen on the cover of the April 2008 Edition of Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine.